5 Years ago, I was a lost soul, on the odd times I looked in the mirror I didn’t even know who I was anymore.  My marriage had been on the rocks for years and I needed to escape the prison I had allowed myself to be in as deep down inside my soul my heart was crying out for HELP. This was not where I was supposed to be, it took me 12 months to get to a point where I knew I had to go and no matter how much my then husband begged me to stay I had an inner conviction that this part of my life was over and I needed to come up for some air.  I had been in a bad way for some time but kept ignoring the signs but now I had to make a change for my own health and wellbeing.

I used to be afraid of everything and think that I had everything with every little twinge that was happening inside of my body.  I was living in fight and flight for so long it became the norm.  

Today there is a new story one that has taken me the past 5 years of peeling layer upon layer of built up stories that I had been living in, stories that I believed were true and that I couldn’t change until that day when my soul cried out for help and this happens in so many different ways the signs are always there.  When we are not focused on our own purpose and our own wellbeing we lose sight of what is real and what is not. We start to get lost in our own stories and we can also start taking on those of others as well until we are so bogged down with so many different stories, we forget who we are and trap ourselves into our own prison or as I once heard we freeze.  

You don’t realise you are frozen because you are going along  just like everyone else until something happens to snap you out of this coma state it may come from some sort of trauma from sickness, work, kids anything major will trigger you from this state and that’s when you can no longer ignore the signs you have to make a change because you have now because conscious to what was once unconscious in your mind.

I started to defrost slowly, taking on a new life it has its challenges but at least I know knew which story I was creating.  I have spent the last 5 years clearing and healing myself from self-doubt, guilt, fear, self-sabotage, shame and the list goes on.  I’m not saying that I will never feel a small amount of this again but now I know consciously that it is just a story and it’s time to change the channel in my mind.

Last year I had what someone’s story would call a breakdown but in my mind it was the breakthrough to shed the last pieces of the story that I had been working on these past 5 years and I came out the other side a Strong Powerful Warrior Woman able to stand in my new found Strength and Inner Power.  

This wonderful gift has shown me that I was not falling apart I was defrosting.  

We need to make the choice to defrost, melt it emotion by emotion, wound by wound and truth by truth. 


They have never met a woman who can break several times and put herself back together using nothing but self-love.

My Divine Purpose was calling and I have now heard her call!

When was the last time you read your story?

What is your purpose and have you heard the call?

Do you feel lost in someone else story of you?

Do you feel like a Worrier or a Warrior?

Are you frozen or trapped in the wrong story?

When was the last time you felt your own warmth of self-love?

Are you looking for a Warrior and Tribe to help you find a new story that helps you to find support, connection and power to find your true inner authentic self? 

Are ready to go from Worrier to Warrior and create a transformation in your life and story?