Sisterhood of the New World

Does This Sound Like You?

Are you a young female aged between 12-18 going through this life confused and a little scared of where you fit in? Always comparing yourself to others wondering if you are good enough or pretty enough? Find yourself quite stressed and angry and not really knowing what it is you are supposed to be doing in this world? Do you find it hard to make friends or the friends you have don't understand you sometimes?

Would you like to feel in control of your emotions, feel happy on a regular basis, have confidence to do whatever you choose to and know within yourself that you are beautiful and someone very special?

You Are Invited!

I would love to take you on a journey in my 1/2 day retreat of Sisterhood of the New World where we will join in a small group of like minded girls and we will connect in a spiritual level with meditation, drumming and singing, and learning about our emotions and how we can be in control of all of our feelings and learn how to choose to be happy and in a safe place at all times and when things happen how we can deal with them in a safe and calm environment. We will have lots of fun and there will be afternoon tea provided.

Who am I:
I am the founder/owner of Connecting Souls Wellness Business where I facilitate workshops and moon ceremonies on a monthly basis, I also do meditations, reiki and massage. I am also a mum to 3 boys now grown and I have a beautiful granddaughter but I am a passionate woman who loves to help people find their passions and place in their world and really feel that the young need a helping hand with all the confusion this world is sending right now and teach the young especially females how to be in control of their own emotions and be able to protect their emotions from external influences.


If you would like to contact me direct to talk in more detail about this workshop I would welcome your phone call on 0433 479 882. After 5pm as I will be at work or feel free to send me a text and I will contact you. This event will be held in my backyard and the address will be given at ticket purchase time, if you would like to pay on the day please contact me for details.