Personal Coaching

Special Three-month Package

When did you last take the time to invest in your personal wellbeing? As difficult as our current self-isolation situation is, there are silver linings: you can focus on you!

I am offering a one-time special for my new Coaching Session package: "Release the Unwanted and Embrace the Desired".

The three-month package includes:

  • Fortnightly one-on-one sessions via Zoom

  • Soul Work (like homework) to stretch you

  • Meditation

  • Support

If you are interested in doing some work on growing your mind, body and soul, let’s connect for a free 30-minute information session. Click the link below to let me know you’re interested, and I will contact you to schedule the free info session.


Coaching with a Cuppa

1 hour - $120

With all the things I do, the one thing that always brings me back to love and authenticity is when I am holding space for someone in a 1:1 capacity. It is an intimate time when we can be our most vulnerable and yet feel the safest.

I created Coaching with a Cuppa to provide that experience: a one-hour session in person or via live feed, to share a beautiful Cup of Tea from the amazing range of 100% Organic Infusion Tea from the wonderful Kerry Cleopatra who has been brewing these blends for over 13 years in our beautiful Barossa Valley. Not only do they taste divine but they have many wellness benefits also.

What will you get in this session:

  • One-hour 1:1 coaching /mentoring session

  • 100% Organic Tea

  • Healthy Snack

  • Compassion, Understanding, Non Judgement, Safe Space

I will be holding these sessions in a few places; My Home, The Connection Centre and the Boho Bus.


Kayak & Coaching Session

Special thru March - $200

Do you find yourself stuck in a rutt? Is your mind on a repeat pattern? Would you like to feel in flow with life?

Join me for an experience of learning to let go of what is no longer serving you.

We start with one hour of kayaking as you feel the water flow beneath your boat as you move forward progressing down the river just like in life we will learn to flow with the tide and paddle when needed.

There is nothing more freeing than being on the water - total freedom. We will then moor the boats at the shore and take up a posy under a shady tree picnic style with herbal tea and nibbles as I take you on a journey into your inner self to unlock the areas in which you are looking to move forward with, enabling you to find solutions to put in place to create flow in your life.

Everything is supplied. the only thing you need to bring is yourself, comfortable clothing, hat, water and shoes you are happy to get wet or either thongs/water shoes.

These sessions are available most mornings and afternoons weather permitting.

Silver Waters Kayak
Reiki Treatment

Reiki Sessions

1 hour - $80

If you haven’t had the opportunity to share in an experience called Reiki you may be asking yourself the question:  

What is Reiki and what will it do for me?

Well the answer to that is:  

Reiki is an invisible energy modality that connects to healing powers from the universe.

Some things you might find change after you have had a Reiki alignment session:

  • Find Balance

  • Reduce Stress 

  • Activate Natural Healing Processes

  • Restore Physical & Emotional Well-Being

  • Personal Wellness & Comfort


Access Bars

1 hour - $120

We are infinite being, and we function through thoughts, feelings and emotion. Access consciousness is about unlocking you from the polarity, imprisonment, conditioning and limitation of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment of you or anyone else. It is the ability to receive everything, reject nothing and create everything you desire in life - greater than you currently have and more than what you can imagine.

We do this with a very relaxing session holding certain spots on your head in sequence.

Reiki Treatment