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Chakra Cleansing Workshop

Thursday, 4 February ($33.00)

Creating Balance and Harmony in your life can be challenging. What if you knew a simple and effective method to bring yourself back into full alignment?

Sonya and Suz are excited to bring you this Chakra Balancing workshop, in which we'll teach you how to identify where you might be out of balance and how to balance yourself in your own home.

During this fun and interactive workshop you will learn the keys to balancing your chakras - when you master this you can get yourself into a more balanced state anytime, any place.

We will cover:

  • What are chakras and why is it important to balance them

  • How can balancing chakras help your physical wellbeing

  • Foods that support balancing your chakras

  • How unbalanced chakras show up emotionally

  • A balancing meditation into each chakra utilising high vibration essential oils

  • A couples chakra balancing massage technique

Places are limited to reserve your spot click the link below and register.

Investment: $33.00 The first 8 to register will also make there own purefume roller blend to take home.

This workshop will take place at The Connection Centre 313 Melbourne Street North Adelaide SA.

Sandy Beach

Stillness & Consciouness Retreat

20-21 February ($500.00)

You may be still figuring out what this year holds for you and what you would like to achieve for yourself. So much doing even in the first month of the year, no time to sit in a quiet space just being with yourself.

Come away for the weekend in Victor Harbour to be in a small intimate group of ladies for a weekend of Meditation, Journaling, Stillness and inner work. You will be in safe hands with a small group of 7 including myself where I will guide you though a conscious weekend of going within to truly find your dreams and desires for this year and how to put strategies in place to create the outcomes.

You will come home feeling more clarity, refreshed and recharged ready to move forward with this year ahead.

Cost is $500 inclusive of accommodation and food, with a $100 deposit (non-refundable) to hold your spot and all monies need to be paid by 10th Feb. Payment will be made via a bank account I will give once you let me know you are coming.

I look forward in sharing this intimate retreat with you all and feel it is a follow on from my Vision Board Workshop to really align yourself within.


Worrier to Warrior Woman Workshop

Saturday, 27 February ($55.00 each or two for $90.00)

Join me and learn how we can start to become our own Warrior Women in this 3-hour workshop with valuable information, interactive activities and a guided mediation to your soul.

Let me personally guide you from being a Worrier to starting on your authentic path to becoming a Warrior Woman.

Click here for more details!


Sunset High Tea

Saturday, 6 March ($80.00)


As part of our High Tea sessions, we would like to bring you our Sunset/Moonlight High Tea, which brings a different flavour to the original feel of a normal High Tea afternoon.

Our Intention is all about Connecting to your Fellow Souls and sharing Space.

This is an opportunity to spend an evening Indulging all your senses, and bathing in the energy that surrounds you through the sunset, Moonlight and the wonderful taste of Gourmet Catered Food, Herbal Brewed Tea and Bio-Dynamic Wines.

An evening of relaxing energies to centre, align and connect you to your new found soul tribe!

Tickets are $80 includes all beverages and food.

Please contact me on 0433 479 882 to book your spot or pm me direct. Payment will book your spot (12 spaces available)


Release the Worrier to Embrace the Warrior

4-week workshop from 4 March ($555.00)

Empowered - Conscious - Confident - Intentional
Imagine your life living from this space and energy everyday.

Do you worry about things that are taking up space in your mind, zapping your energy, making your feel helpless to know which path to take, are you listening to external influences instead of trusting your own intuition? Would you like to have the power to step into your your own inner Warrior and start to live YOUR life for you? Then this is just the program you have been looking for.

Content Includes:
6 pillars of how to start releasing your Inner Warrior

  • Boundaries

  • Self Love

  • Expectations

  • Abundance

  • Value

  • Sensual/Sexuality

I have been working with these pillars with many women over the past two years now to dive deep within and clear the blockages that are stopping them from becoming their most authentic Warrior Woman and live their purpose & passion filled lives.

This program is a 4-week journey and offers flexibility around your lifestyle and commitments. All sessions are recorded to view later and after the 4 weeks you will have access to the group and all its resources for an additional 6 months.
I will deliver LIVE coaching/workshop style sessions weekly in this program where I will be sharing all my knowledge and resources with you.

Tasking will be set at the end of each LIVE session and you will receive collective support and accountability so that by the end of the program you will have stepped into your Inner Warrior and life will be very different for you.

Most importantly this program is about community! Proximity is power. When you have the right people around you encouraging, supporting and inspiring you together we can all rise together and create amazing things!

Register before 31st Jan and receive a complimentary 30min 1:1 coaching session valued at $125.00 to dive a little deeper with a personalised session.

Program officially starts on the 4th March 2021.

To secure your position in our upcoming course/program please click on the link below and simply make a $100 deposit. You will then receive more information welcoming you to the course/program and you will be added to our private Facebook Group and other community pages.

From there I will contact you, welcome you and to discuss and set up a flexible payment plan (starting as low as $100 per week) to cover the rest of the investment.

Beach Meditation.jpg

Beach Meditation

7:30am (free)

Meditation is a wonderful way to start your day! 

Not only is serotonin almost immediately released when you arrive on the beach, (serotonin is a key hormone for relaxation and happiness), but the sound and visuals of the beach and ocean are simply so soothing and peaceful.

I will take you through a guided meditation as we connect into Mother Earth, the ocean, and our inner selves with the wonderful sounds of the waves and local birdlife. 

Join me in Semaphore on the beach near Noonies Kiosk. There are 8 spaces available; please bring along a towel, water bottle and hat.